Nutrition  Coaching

By Amanda Mercurio

Healthy Food
Healthy Food
Proper nutrition is VITAL to reaching your health & fitness goals. Fitness & nutrition go hand-in-hand; a proper exercise routine will aid in weight loss, strengthening your muscles, improving your endurance & mood, and enhancing your overall physical appearance... BUT improper nutrition can prevent these benefits and hinder your progress!
Great nutrition is KEY to fueling our bodies for EVERYTHING we do! A well-rounded & healthy diet brings us nourishment, energy, a strong body & immune system, and is balanced -not restrictive! 

Let me help steer you in the right direction with my Nutrition Coaching!


Here's How It Works:​

  • Custom Nutrition Guides & Nutrition Coaching Program

  • My Custom Nutrition Guides are uniquely created for you based off of your goals, needs, allergies, etc. These are reviewed with you and then yours to keep & use independently. Your guide will contain information on macronutrients, daily caloric intake, & a specific plan of action to help you work towards your health & fitness goals. You will receive special access to my private library of informational videos & PDFs to assist you in your journey.

  • My Nutrition Coaching Program consists of a custom nutrition guide as well as 12-weeks of 1:1 coaching, accountability, & guidance. Your plan will begin with an in-depth assessment to review current dietary patterns & goals; I will then create a custom plan of action for you that we will work through over the course of 12 weeks; this will include weekly check-ins and adjustments as needed. You will receive special access to my private library of informational videos & PDFs to assist you in your journey.

    • My nutrition coaching is geared towards all fitness goals - weight loss, strength & muscle gain, improvement of general health, maintenance, or assistance with gluten-free or plant-based diets. 

      • For more information and to inquire about nutrition coaching, please fill out and submit this FORM.             I will get back to you with details and pricing once completed!

  • Packages for continued coaching and accountability are available upon completion of the 12-week program.

    • PLEASE NOTE - Nutrition Coaching Sessions & materials are meant as guidance for a healthy caloric & macronutrient intake; this is NOT a prescription for a diet and no particular foods or supplements will be prescribed, just recommendations and suggestions made.

​Nutrition Coaching Terms & Conditions:

  • All Nutrition Coaching & guides must be prepaid. Please contact Amanda for current pricing.

  • AM Fitness & Cycle, Inc. accepts all major credit cards, checks, & cash payments.

  • To get started today, visit our APP page and download The Fit Foodie App or contact Amanda at

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